Q'ilyasisa, as Mama Q'ilya

Human sacrifice, communities eaten from within, a vast mind blazing under the mud of Lake Titicaca; the rise and fall of empires cruel and kind.

In the Andes of a thousand years ago, the Huari empire is sick. Its communities are being eaten from within, ravaged by a contagion that takes their collective spirit. Rooting out this parasite is a task that is laid upon Q’ilyasisa, a young woman from an obscure little village on the forgotten borders of Huari.

This mission is imposed on her by a vast mind, a sentience that has ambitions to shape all human life. Her confrontations on sacrificial pyramids, in deserts and jungles destroy one empire and build two more. But managing her task-master proves a challenge that will shape the Andes for the next four hundred years.

Dark Sun, Bright Moon is a 6 x 9" paperback of 571 pages. It includes around a hundred maps and illustrations.

Dark Sun, Bright Moon, a novel by Oliver Sparrow